This line of research is linked to the management of information, not only from the point of view of processing but also the retrieval of it. The specific tasks to be tackled in this line are as follows:

  • Tools for recognising the proper names of entities (people, companies, organisations, etc.), places, temporal expressions and numerical expressions
  • Tool for extracting relations between concepts and entities
  • Tool for identifying coreferences
  • The obtaining of conceptual maps of documents
  • Automatic document summary
  • Inclusion of Basque in international information search competitions (CLEF, TREC)
  • Participating in international competitions organised around QA, IR and IE
  • System for extracting knowledge bases in RDF and of a system of reply to questions on them
  • System for multilingual information search
  • System of reply to questions
  • Semantic metadata editor
  • Speaker diarization and transcription system
  • Image analysis system
  • Semantic search system in multimedia documents

By combining several of the technologies developed in this line, a demonstrator of a multimedia semantic search engine on the web is going to be developed.