The Elhuyar Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation, set up in 1972 with the aim of bringing science and the Basque language together. It went on to extend its work to the fields of the normalisation of the status and corpus of the Basque language. It conducts its activity thanks to the contributions of the members that share its aims.

The Elhuyar Foundation works in the following areas:

Elhuyar is firmly established in the market for dictionaries, both printed and electronic ones, and is a Basque reference in the spreading of science and in technical translations. In the area of ICTs, Elhuyar has been a pioneer in the country in the development of educational software, multimedia products, plug-ins, etc. In 2001, it set up an R+D Unit in language technologies, and right now is a member of the Basque Technology Network.

This R+D unit is the one that is participating in the BerbaTek project and is leading it. The scientific publications that this unit has had published at different conferences can be seen on its web site. But the Elhuyar departments for translations, dictionary compilation, spreading of science (as it is a creator and supplier of multimedia content) and publishing of teaching material (in its dual aspect of content creation and teaching), too, will be providing practical, experience-based knowledge in all the areas that make up the lines of research of the BerbaTek project. At the same time, these other departments are also set to benefit from the results of the project, in addition to being a perfect test bench for the prototypes and products developed at BerbaTek.

Within the BerbaTek project, Elhuyar will be devoting itself to researching text language technologies in which it has broad experience: corpora, dictionaries, ontologies, terminology extraction, machine translation, computer-assisted translation and information search, both monolingual and multilingual. And it will also be tackling fresh lines of research like question response and semantics.

For further information:


The IXA group is a research group of the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country, which works on natural language processing.


The Aholab Signal Processing Laboratory is a research group of the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country, with broad experience in voice technologies and digital signal processing.


Vicomtech is an applied research centre whose main lines of research fall within the areas of graphic computation, interaction and multimedia.


TECNALIA is a private, applied research centre of international excellence with a great impact on local industry, and turned into a centre that attracts people and organisations.