The IXA group is a research group of the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country, which works on natural language processing. Right now, there are 43 of us in the group: 32 computer scientists, 8 language experts, 2 research technicians and a clerical worker. Most of us work at the Computing Faculty in Donostia-San Sebastian, while some are based at other centres, too (the Technical University College of Engineering in Bilbao, the Teacher Training College in Donostia-San Sebastian, for example.)

All the articles we have had published, which are classified into the following fields, can be accessed from our website:

The most widely-known products we have designed are as follows: the Xuxen spell checker, the OpenTrad machine translator, Euskal WordNet (lexical database for Basque), and the ZT and EPEC corpora. All the products we offer can be seen on our website. The main projects we are currently working on are: the KYOTO European STREP project; the A-type Fixed Research Group of the Basque Government; the IMLT, OPENMT and KNOW2 projects of the M.E.C. (Spanish Ministry of Education and Science), and the TIMM and RTTH research networks. See the list of all the projects going back to 1988 here.

Within the BerbaTek project, the contributions made by the IXA group fit into four areas: (1) Design of basic resources: incorporation of semantic knowledge into dictionaries, morphosyntactic analysers...; (2) Machine Translation: pre-editing, post-editing, hybrid and combined systems, criteria for evaluation…; (3) Content: information search, information search between languages, and question answering systems; and (4) Aids for language teaching.

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The Elhuyar Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation, set up in 1972 with the aim of bringing science and the Basque language together.


The Aholab Signal Processing Laboratory is a research group of the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country, with broad experience in voice technologies and digital signal processing.


Vicomtech is an applied research centre whose main lines of research fall within the areas of graphic computation, interaction and multimedia.


TECNALIA is a private, applied research centre of international excellence with a great impact on local industry, and turned into a centre that attracts people and organisations.