October 19, IXA talk: "Contextual salience in query-based summarization"

Wauter Bosma from the Vrieje Universiteit Amsterdam is visiting IXA, and will be among us for a month. He collaborates with us in the Kyoto european project, and will be giving a tlak tomorrow.

  • Topic: Contextual salience in query-based summarization (Testuinguruaren garrantzia laburpen automatikoan)
  • Where: Donostiako Informatika Fakultatea, 2.2 mintegia
  • Speaker: Wauter Bosma (Vrieje Universiteit Amsterdam)
  • Day: Urriaren 19a
  • Time: 15:00


Discourse theories claim that text gets meaning in context. Most summarization systems do not take advantage of this. They assess the relevance of each passage individually rather than modeling the way context affects the relevance of passages. In order to model relations in text, I developed a framework for graph-based summarization, so that the passages can be viewed in a broader context. The result is a summarization system which is more in line with discourse theory but still fully automatic. I evaluated the content selection performance of an implementation of the framework in different configurations. The system significantly outperforms a competitive baseline (and participant systems) on the DUC 2005 evaluation set.